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The plays in this volume ofMinute Plays for Teens are perfect for production by high schools, in that each play contains only teen characters, and the subject matter will appeal to aspiring young actors, making it easy to connect with the characters and situations Some of the plays are comedic, some are dramatic, some are realistic in style, and some are unconventional Their length also makes them perfect for scene work in class Some are by playwrights well known for their full length plays, such as the prolific and brilliant Don Nigro, Richard Vetere, and Jack Gilhooley But most are by exciting up and comers, such as Nicole Pandolfo, C S Hanson, Catherine Weingarten, L E Grabowski Cotton, Christopher Innvar, and Adrienne DawesMinute Plays for Teens is ideal for theatre students, youth groups, and acting classes

3 thoughts on “5-Minute Plays for Teens (Applause Acting Series)

  1. hometrainer-tests.de Customer hometrainer-tests.de Customer says:

    I would strongly avoid this collection of plays It is NOT the content teens should have to act out There is a whole play titled Breasts , teaching girls to ogle and compare themselves to others There is an entire play about suicide Not to mention very overt sexual themes throughout, bullying content, alcohol use, and language that I generally wouldn t use with my teens.I bought this for my teenage daughter that has been in a few productions and I thought this would give her a way to practice and hone her skills Instead, I m returning this immediately.Don t we have enough of this in the world that our kids shouldn t be encouraged to digest, practice, and act out Avoid it.

  2. Keystone Keystone says:

    As a university acting teacher, this book was exactly what I was looking for The scenes are short and very manageable for quick projects The 5 minute plays are interesting and easy to perform with some great characters I would buy every addition as it became available.

  3. Judy the K. Judy the K. says:

    Well, I m biased because a play of mine is in it but I think it s a fine anthology