[[ Audiobooks ]] 3G Wireless with 802.16 and 802.11: WiMAX and WiFi (McGraw-Hill Professional Engineering)Author Clint Smith – Mariahilff.de

This book covers mobility with WiMAX and Wi Fi This rigorous tutorial provides the technical guidance needed to design and integrate Wi Fi and Wi MAX into existingand G wireless systems G Wireless withandmakes manageable the in demand design and re engineering tasks involved in adding Internet and broadband capabilities to existing wireless phone networks Look inside for the engineering specifics you need to design and integrateinto RF systems configure Wi Fi for fixed wireless delivery integrate Wi Fi into mobile wireless systems integrate WiMax and Wi Fi into a mobile wireless system and, learndesign parametersWritten by hands on communications engineers, this remarkable guide clearly shows you how to approach the many issues confronting designer integrators, including an introduction from Wireless Mobility Concept to Fixed Wireless LMDS, MMDS , and X Radio Engineering, from Generic Radio Systems to Bi Dimensional Amplifiers Network Engineering, from Basic Switching to the Backhaul Digital Wireless Systems, from Enhancements over Analog to G G G G Integration with Wi Fi and WiMax, from Hotspots to VPNs, SOHO, and More , from RF Design Considerations to Integration withMobilityand Integration withand G G Convergence Wireless Mobility, including Various User Devices, and Smart Switches G