101 Drama Games and Activities: Theatre Games for Children and Adults, including Warm-ups, Improvisation, Mime and Movement eBook – Mariahilff.de

An excellent rescource for our children s Drama group, as an addition to David Farmer s first book a 101Drama games and activities I would recommend it to any drama teacher looking for ideas to create a lively drama session or lesson and a useful compendium of skills to inspire both teachers directors and students. Really good resource for Drama activities The class love the games. Although I ve been teaching drama for almost 20 years and I am familiar with countless games and improvisations, I was very pleased to find out that there are plenty to learn and explore definitely worth it Fantastic book great a multitude of ideas and settings, worth a buy awesome book, very happy I use this with my theater classes All great Some games are not great but some are great so very happy overall Quick and easy to use a supply teacher can also make quick and easy use of it It s like a good children s poetry book open it at any page and the game will be carefully explained and effective in the classroom Games are easy to adapt and children enjoy adding ideas of their own. Gain access to a personal collection ofhighly effective drama games and activities suitable for children or adults Sections include improvisation, mime, ice breakers, group dynamics, rehearsal, story telling, voice and warm ups This unique book has been developed over a thirty year career in education and theatre, through workshops with actors, teachers and children around the world The pages are packed with tried and tested ideas for a whole range of activities useful for teaching drama lessons, workshops or rehearsals Belongs amongst the topbooks any director or drama teacher should own English Touring Opera good for youngsters If you want lots of drama games and activities, strangely enough, this is a great book I use it with my class aged 11 12, but I think it would be useful for most age groups, maybe 9 Some really good ideas here Some I already knew bit there were enough new ones to make it worth purchasing.